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Welcome To Glen Allen Pipes & Drums

Formed In 1968

About Glen Allen

Glen Allen pipes and drums was formed in 1968 by pipe major Jimmy Elston. The band was know originally as Invereef Pipes and Drums and was later changed to Krugersdorp Pipes and Drums. In 2004 the band was renamed again to Glen Allen.

Pipe major Jimmy Elston lead the band for nearly 30 years and many of the current members where taught by Jimmy back when they where in school.

Pipe major Grant Scheffel took over the running of the band in 2004. In 2009 we were able to win all competitions and were promoted to the grade 3 level of competition and the band remains competing at this level. The work Grant put into the band helped drive the band into one of the countries best band's and he set the tone for the years to come.  In 2011 Grant had to step down as pipe major due to re-location, but he was succeeded by his brother Craig Scheffel. Grant now plays for the band Cape Town Field Artillery Pipe's and Drums .

Pipe major Craig Scheffel was able to maintain the legacy left by his brother and continue to develop the pipe band. During Craig's years as pipe major we indulged in much success and highly esteemed players where starting to recognize Glen Allan as a band that could put on an exciting yet precise performance on a competition day. We won many competitions across the various corps under Craig's leadership and we also managed to secure the occasional first overall as a band. Unfortunately in 2014, Craig had to step down as a playing member of Glen Allen due to health reason's. This is when pipe major Craig Paxman stepped up and took control of Glen Allen.

Pipe major Craig Paxman is the youngest pipe major to have ever run the band, but he brings with him a lot of passion and drive that will certainly take the band to new heights.

We have been very fortunate over the years to have experienced players join the band and share their wisdom and expertise and help drive the band forward. No person shows this more than the leading drummer of Glen Allen, Mike Clack. Mike has played for several bands and was a core drummer in the band up until 2004, where he was elected leading drummer of the Glen Allen drum corps. Mike is still the leading drummer of Glen Allen.

Glen Allen has been fortunate enough to inherit one of the best bass sections in the country. The driving force behind the bass section's success is Kylie Howard. Kylie has been playing in Glen Allen for more than 12 years and has won nearly every single year she has been in charge of the corp. She brings a lot of passion and dedication to her section and spends a lot of time working on her technique to try and improve herself and her corp.

Glen Allen is comprised of members from all spheres of life and ages range from 12 years old to 45 years old. Glen Allen competes in the local gatherings and plays at major events and functions. Being a working band the members often are travelling on business so a more flexible approach is taken to practices. Many South African top rated pipers and drummers have either been tutored by the band or have played with the band and have moved onto running and tutoring other bands. Glen Allen has an active membership of over 20 playing members. We enjoy support from the Glen Allen family of parents, partners and friends and many organisations around Johannesburg.

Glen Allen practices at De La Salle High School in Victory Park Johannesburg. With many of the pipers being ex La Salle and De La Salle pupils this makes De La Salle the perfect home for the band. Glen Allen is very involved in the De La Salle Pipe band and tutors the members of the school pipe band. We have a wide range of tutors and this allows us to offer lessons in bagpipes, tenor drumming, bass drumming, and side drumming. Tutoring times are listed below. The close allegiance between the band and school ensure that we are constantly bringing new blood into the pipe band fraternity with musicians and supporters. Once these learners leave school they are able to play in adult bands anywhere in the country.

Tutoring Times:

De La Salle School Band and Other Learners:

  • Thursday 17H00 - 18H30
  • Sunday 09H00 - 10H00

Glen Allen Pipe Band:

  • Thursday 18H00 - 20H30
  • Sunday 10H00 - 12H00

If you are interested in joining the band, then don't hesitate to contact us.

De La Salle School Band

The De La Salle Pipe Band was started in 1972 by Mr. W.M. Culhane. Bill started playing bagpipes at CBC College, Kimberly in 1951. After school he joined Johannesburg Caledonian Society Pipe Band where he became Pipe Major. Later he took up the position of Drum Major for Transvaal Scottish Pipe Band.


Glen Allen senior band takes an active roll in promoting the De La Salle Pipes band and also provides tutoring for the learners. many of the members of Glen Allen are ex La Salle and De La Salle Pupils. Please contact us for tutoring and band information.


The De La Salle Pipe band wears the original school badge of the De La Salle Order of Brothers from Ireland, after which the band is also named. They have also adopted the regimental badge of the Cameron Highlanders on their headdress and sporrans.


As the founder had played for Johannesburg Caledonian Society Pipe Band, who had already obtained permission from the Cameron Highlanders to wear the Cameron of Erracht tartan, he felt that it was appropriate that the school’s new pipe band would carry the same tartan.


The founders chose, together with the Brothers of De La Salle, the Irish tune “The Moreen” and this has been played by the band since it’s inception at all competitions and gatherings.